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Who are we?  

We are just a couple of families who enjoy getting outside or taking a relaxing boat ride up the river to enjoy a meal at a downtown restaurant.  We have a passion for having fun outdoors and teaching our children the same.  When we aren't providing healthcare services, putting people under anesthesia, preparing tax returns or engineering things, we are spending time with family and friends or trying to fit in the next mountain bike ride between baseball practices, soccer games, or swim lessons.  

Why we chose Chattanooga?

Everything about Chattanooga screams fun for our families whether kayaking Suck Creek, fishing on the Tennessee River, or watching the waterfront concerts of River Bend or Riverfront Nights after a day of wakeboarding...we just couldn't resist.  After all, we get to enjoy these properties just as much as our guests! What better way to share our passion for this area than by providing a hub for others to enjoy all of the activities we love about Chattanooga.